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Magic Migration

Automatic Migration of Magic Software Applications to Native C#.NET

Magic Upgrade

Automatic Upgrade of Magic Software Applications to Magic Xpa or SQL

Magic Software Migration

Automatic Migration of Magic Software Applications to native C#.NET

  • Migrate your Magic Software application to native C#.NET, and include full training for your developer team
  • End your dependence on Magic Software and stop paying for runtime licenses or maintenance fees
  • Preserve your olf Magic Software legacy investment by transitioning existing functionality to a new platform quickly and easily
  • Improve your code’s performance during the conversion to make your new application even better
  • NO code freeze means your Magic Software migration is risk free, as is our try before you buy model

Magic Software Upgrade

Upgrade of Magic Software applications to Magic Xpa or SQL

  • Magic Xpa Upgrade. Upgrade your Magic Software application from any magic or uniPaaS versions to the latest Magic Xpa version
  • SQL Upgrade. Upgrade your Magic Software application and it’s database from btrieve or pervasive database to SQL based Database
  • Improve your magic application code during the conversion and embed new features and abilities of Magic Xpa
  • Combine Face-Lifting package or Performance Improvements package during the conversion to Magic Xpa
  • Retain your original Magic software application methodology, so assimilation is quick and easy
  • Support any Magic Software version and any uniPaaS or Magic Xpa versions.
  • Support all database types used by Magic Software applications

Why Choose Go Up Technology?


Go Up Technology is the most experienced company for Magic Software applications, with over 29 combined years of experience in Magic Software technology and over 19 years specializing in automated Magic Software conversions. During those years we accumulated an impressive track record of successful conversions delivered for a wide range of clients and a broad range of information systems.


Go Up Technology's automated tools are faster and better. In fact, they're so much faster & better that we can commit to a project delivery within 1 week and a "go live" within 4 weeks.


Go Up Technology's conversion method and automated tools are the most effective on the market.  Our patented solution allows us to retain the functionality of your Magic Software application, while optimizing the code, GUI, and performance during the conversion without the need for a code freeze.


Go Up technology solutions are cheaper than alternative solutions for Magic Software applications. Our risk free migration allows you to continue working as usual during the conversion process without the need for a code freeze.

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