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Go Up Technology provides a completely automatic conversion process that is quicker, more effective, and more economical than alternative solutions.

Go Up Technology is a leading information technology company specializing in advanced automated conversion and optimization technologies for Magic Software applications & their databases.

Go Up Technology is dedicated to providing premier software upgrading and modernization solutions. Our time-efficient and cost-effective automated conversion solutions enable enterprises to maximize their resources and minimize their costs when upgrading their Magic Software applications.

The benefit of Go Up Technology automated conversion solutions are numerous:

  • Faster conversions
  • Lower cost
  • Universally enforced development standards
  • Advanced capabilities implemented in the converted applications

Based on proprietary technology, battle-tested in the real world on some of the most complex Magic Software applications ever developed, Go Up Technology has repeatedly delivered superior results for organizations seeking to upgrade their Magic Software application or migrate it to Microsoft.NET.

Go Up Technology specializes in Magic Software applications, and has many years of experience successfully converting hundreds of Magic Software applications worldwide.

Go Up Technology has accumulated a deep knowledge about databases integrated with Magic Software applications, a critical factor in our ability to deliver so many successful conversions. Our team has worked with databases such as Btrieve/Pervasive, DB2, RDB, Informix, Oracle, Sybase, and MS-SQL.

Go Up Technology has an impressive track record of successful conversions delivered for a wide range of clients and a broad range of information systems.

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