Convert Magic Software Applications

Why Convert Your Current Magic Software Application with Go Up Technology?

March 7, 2016
Posted by: David Rechter, CEO at Go Up Technology

When it comes to utilizing modern technology for the enterprise, being able to keep up with the latest software applications and updates available is critical to making the most of your investment, and staying competitive. If you’re currently using Magic Software, consider Go Up Technology to migrate or upgrade your Magic Software application. There are plenty of reasons why Go Up Technology’s automated conversion is the industry leader when it comes to converting Magic Software. But among the most important are that you won’t be wasting precious time and resources attempting to do it manually (or with other vendors or tools).

Convert Magic Software Applications

Convert Magic Software Applications with Go Up Technology

Fixed Cost – There are all kinds of things that could go wrong when manually converting Magic Software applications. And the resulting expenses can quickly add up if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing. This is why Go Up Technology provides fixed cost proposals that cover all the expenses, and minimize your risk, too.

Set Deadlines – Another great thing about Go Up Technology’s automated tools is that you’ll know exactly when the conversion will be completed. Go Up Technology provides a preset deadline to plan around. As opposed to manually converting your current Magic Software with other tools which put no deadline in place and leave you hoping for the best. Go Up Technology’s project timelines can’t be beaten!

All Inclusive – Converting Magic Software applications is never easy. Especially when trying to take on the task manually using free tools. Unlike other low-grade conversion tools, Go Up Technology can take care of all aspects associated with converting your application. And even provide you with enhanced features that integrate face-lifting. Go Up Technology automatically fixes problems in your code in order to improve your application, while implementing the new technology’s latest capabilities.

Experience – Go Up Technology is the most experienced provider of Magic application conversions in the market. We’ve successfully completed more than 5,000 conversions (including some of the biggest Magic Software applications ever written). And have more than 500 highly satisfied customers (including some of the biggest organizations in the world). Convert Magic Software Applications With Go Up Technology! You can be assured your project will succeed.

Convert Magic Software Applications

Go Up Technology’s automated conversion tools include:

  • Go .Net <- Automatic Migration for Magic applications to .NET
  • Go .Xpa <- Upgrade your Magic Software application or uniPaaS application to the latest Magic Xpa version
  • Go .SQL <- Convert  Magic Software Application and it’s database to SQL database


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