The new technology’s value proposition is making the entire .Net migration of Magic software application process quicker, smoother, and more effective than any other solutions on the market.

What makes Go Up’s new Technology better than the rest? Simple:

  • Automatic conversion means no manual work is needed, which speeds up the entire process
  • The solution inlays advanced capabilities in your application while it’s being converted
  • Maintenance costs are lower
  • Dependency on licenses is eliminated
  • The new converted system maintains the same functionality, but it’s even better
  • The new code is 100% readable, efficient, and easier to maintain

In order to fully understand the process along with the difference our tools make, let me explain how everything works from start to finish:

.Net migration of Magic software application

.Net migration of Magic software application – Method

As you probably know, converting information systems from Magic software to Microsoft’s .NET framework requires careful preliminary work and of course, the use of effective methodologies.  Knowing this, we start with the existing working application, which encompasses the most current business logic.

The .Net migration of Magic software application process then advances through several stages, which are as follows:

  • Consolidation of the Technological Standards
  • Learning the current application in the Magic Environment
  • Prioritizing application modules
  • Migrating the Database
  • POC (optional)
  • Conversion of the application
  • Testing (done by programmers, framework professionals, and the end user)

.Net migration of Magic software application

Automatic Conversion Process

While the conversion is in process, automated tools are used to decode the Magic application’s source code.  The resulting output will then serve as the basis to create objects, properties, and relationships that will undergo a learning and optimization process at a later stage of the conversion. This stage will also produce standardized, error-free code, that is easy to maintain. The automated tool shortens the work process, makes it more efficient, preserves maximum functionality, and generates unified, standardized code.

.Net migration of Magic software application


The architecture of the converted application is based on a multi-layer model. It implements a separation between the Data Access Layer, the Business Logic layer, and the User Interface layer. Our goal is simple – to create a flexible system that allows the use of different databases and interchanging modules without harming other modules, along with easy integration, easy unit testing, and so on.

.Net migration of Magic software application

Technologies and Libraries

In order for everything to work smoothly, we work hand in hand with your organization’s personnel, and define an agreement on the combined frameworks, the available libraries, as well as the user interface libraries because all of them will be used throughout the entire .Net migration of Magic software application process.  With specific regard to technologies & libraries, the following bullets outline what specifically must be addressed:

  • Destination Language and the Convert Platform
  • Access to Databases
  • Application Security
  • Combining Libraries During the Conversion Process
  • Downloaded Components to the client
  • Reports

Go Up Technology’s goal is to make this whole process quicker, smoother, and more effective than the other solutions previously used.