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Magic Software Users – Ready to Move Forward?

March 7, 2016
Posted by: David Rechter, CEO at Go Up Technology

Magic Software Users – Ready to Move Forward?

Go Up Technology is the most experienced provider of Magic application conversions in the world.  With more than 5,000 successfully converted Magic applications (including some of the biggest ever written), and more than 500 satisfied customers (including some of the world’s largest organizations). Therefore, you can be confident we’re your best choice to help you convert from Magic to your next platform.

 Ready to Move Forward? Convert  Magic applications – Go Up!

Go Up Technology brings the future directly into your hands with automated migration technology and integration services. If you are currently running a Magic Software application, Go Up Technology’s patented solution can automatically convert it to Xpa or Microsoft.NET, while simultaneously implementing more advanced capabilities in your code. Our automation solution reduces the risk of human error and bugs creeping into your application. Go Up’s advanced technology enables friction-free conversions. Providing you with greater peace of mind and confidence than other tools that make big promises but don’t deliver, or create functionality issues resulting from improper conversions. Therefore the decision to convert Magic applications is now simpler than ever.

Convert  Magic applications

One of the main reasons many hesitate to pull the trigger on migrating to the .NET world, is their apprehension at switching technology platforms. The innovative (and free) solution offered by Go Up Technology makes the transition to .NET painless and simple, while maintaining your system’s integrity in the conversion.

An easy way to start is by simply upgrading your Magic application to the latest version of Xpa from any version of Magic Software (Xpa, UniPaas, eDeveloper, etc.). Hence, this allows Xpa’s advanced capabilities to be incorporated into your application. While maintaining your current methodology, and creates a foundation for a much smoother migration to .NET when you’re ready to make that transition. Go Up’s automated solution migrates your application smoothly without interrupting any workflow. Our conversion tool not only converts the application, but its databases as well, ensuring that both continue working efficiently in tandem, maintaining full system integrity.

Limited time free offer

Go Up’s current limited time offer for a free Xpa upgrade has no obligation, and requires no manual integration. In addition, Go Up Technology can provide onsite installation and training, leaving you to ultimately decide how much change you want to see, with a full warranty and total support provided along the way. This is a no risk offer, and payment is not required unless you decide to convert entirely to .NET by taking part in the full migration process. All changes take place at the pace you dictate and are customized to your specific needs, with a gradual transition to the .NET platform. In conclusion, Go Up’s special offer is the perfect solution for those who want to try out the advantages of upgrading. Without feeling obligated to immediately or fully convert.

Move Forward! Convert  Magic applications with Go Up!


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