Magic software upgrade
Frequently Asked Questions


We do not need the code of your Magic Software application. we just need the Application details (i.e. size, programs, tables, etc.) and the conversion type required.
You can use the contact form on this website as well.

  • Setting conversion standards
  • Performing the conversion
  • Acceptance testing in our offices
  • Installing the converted application and new environment
  • Training
  • Acceptance testing in your office
  • Acceptance testing by your users
  • Delta conversion (if needed)
  • Implementation into production

Automatic conversion accelerates your Magic Software application’s operational readiness by enabling:

  • Standardization
  • Greater efficiency
  • Embedding of advanced capabilities in the converted application during the conversion process
  • Faster time to delivery
  • Cheaper price

Go Up Technology specializes in the conversion of Magic Software applications and has developed proprietary automated tools optimized for this environment.  Go Up Technology also brings more than 30 years of experience in Magic application development, and has been successfully converting Magic applications for over 20 years.
During this time we delivered over 5,800 converted applications to hundreds of satisfied Magic software customers.

No. When your Magic software application is submitted to us for conversion, a recommended best practice is to reduce development as much as possible, until the conversion is completed and accepted.
However, if any changes are required after conversion begins, they will be incorporated as a Delta conversion at the end of the process.
Another method we support is fixing all the problems in the automatic tools and re-covert again without code freeze at all.

Any version, starting with Magic 3.08 through Magic uniPaaS and Magic Xpa.

If the data needs to be converted (depending on the type of conversion), we provide a data conversion application as part of our services, and perform the data conversion as needed.

Since we are using proprietary automated tools for Magic Software applications, we can perform the project at your site.

Yes. We provide a full warranty for 12 months starting from the date of project completion.

No. We take full responsibility for the Magic Software Conversion project until you are completely satisfied and sign off on its delivery.



Magic Migration

We can do the entire project ourselves, but usually we recommend integrating your Magic development team into our activities for things such as:

  • Determining the conversion standards
  • Supporting implementation of the converted magic application
  • Knowledge transfer from our development team
  • Acceptance testing

Yes, if you’d like.  All our quotes include full training for .NET, or whatever the target technology is.

No. Our Magic to.Net solution employs a native .NET code without depends in any framework or BlackBox.

No. Our Magic to .NET solution creates a native .Net code which is open, standard , and we also provide you with all the libraries we’ve developed.

Yes.  The converted application will have pure object-oriented native .NET code.

We have automated solutions for these target technologies:

In our experience, we’ve found that on average 30% of the programs in a Magic Software application are unused.
We factor this into our pricing, and in any case, inactive programs will be converted, but not tested.

Yes.  If there are several Magic Software applications that need to be converted, you can combine them altogether into one project.
Also, if you need more than one type of conversion (i.e. Database+Version) we can incorporate everything into the same project and save duplication of efforts during the testing phase.

We have a lengthy track record of success (over 20 years & 5,800 successful Magic Software conversions for hundreds of satisfied clients) and we’re confident your conversion project will be successful as well.  In fact, we’re so confident of your success that we won’t charge you until the end of the conversion, and we provide a warranty following your project’s completion (See next FAQ).


Magic Upgrade

Yes.  We do not need your Magic Software application’s data in order to perform the conversion.
However, data will be helpful during the testing phase, but this phase can be conducted entirely on-premise at your site.

Any database supported by Magic Software.s

Yes. Database conversions can be integrated with any Magic Software Upgrade, or carried out as an independent project.

The GUI of the converted application will be similar to the old application.
However, during the conversion process, we will implement a particular design for the tables and screens.
There is also an option to combine face-lifting with the design component model during the conversion process.

Yes. We support this option and can implement it based on your needs.

Yes. We use the table control with all its supported features, instead of the “V9 compatible” table.

We also Create a special model in order to get more standard look & Feel after the Xpa upgrade.

Yes. We upgrade your Magic application / uniPaaS application to a fully event-oriented application in Xpa. 
No RM-Compatible handler will be left in your application, nor will one be required.
Our proprietary automated tools ensure that the result Xpa code of decomposition will be correct and bug-free.

Including the testing phase, a typical conversion of Magic Software project will take between 3-4 weeks.

All of it.  All our Magic Software Conversion tools are 100% automatic.

In our extensive experience, we’ve discovered that there are numerous problems which the free tools cannot deal with.  That’s one of the reasons we developed our tools.  To ensure that an application converted to Magic Xpa would not only convert properly, but would also be able to take full advantage of the new capabilities Xpa offers.