Magic Software Migration

Automatic Migration of Magic Software Applications
to C# .NET

Key Advantages of this Solution


Risk Free Magic Software Migration with Zero Obligation

  • Migrate your Magic Software application or uniPaaS application to native C# .Net, and include full training for your developer team
  • Preserve your Magic Software legacy investment by transitioning existing functionality to a new platform quickly and easily
  • NO code freeze means your Magic Software migration is risk free, as is our try before you buy model
  • Support all Magic Software Versions include all uniPaaS or Xpa versions


Migrate Magic to .NET Within Minutes. Go Live Within 4 Weeks

  • Completely automated Magic to .Net conversion tool mitigates the need for any additional manual work
  • Automatic conversion enables your old Magic Software application to be operational very quickly
  • The converted Magic Software application retains its original application methodology, so integration into your environment is quick and easy
  • The result of the migration based on native C#, open code solution and easy to understand


Cheaper than any solution from Magic Software

  • End your dependence on Magic Software and stop paying for runtime licenses or maintenance fees
  • Improve your code's performance during the conversion to make your old magic software code even better in C#
  • Reduce your maintenance costs by moving your old Magic software application to an industry standard platform

Why Choose Go Up Technology?

Go Up Technology provides a completely automatic conversion process for Magic Software applications, that is quicker, more effective, and more economical than alternative solutions.   Automatic conversion of Magic Software applications retains the application methodology while enabling optimization of the application’s architecture and GUI.

Technical Description

Destination Language and Converted Platform

The migration is to C# 4.5, adhering to the Microsoft.Net framework methodology, while using the progressive abilities of Net Framework 4 such as parallel programming, dynamic types, etc.

Access to Databases

Access to databases will be done using the Object Relational Mapping (ORM) layer, which enables data coupling between the data model – as is declared in the database - and its representation in the application. Additionally, ORM enables flexibility in choosing the database provider (Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, etc.).

Application Security

The application security in the new code is based on standard mechanisms available in the .Net Framework. An authentication mechanism for user identification will be implemented using Forms/Windows Authentication, depending on the system environment. Additionally, a Role Based Security mechanism will be implemented in relevant places, to create authorizations based on users and groups. This mechanism is usually executed using standard Membership Provider, unless the client requests otherwise.

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